About Us


Our mission is to provide pieces that not only look great but also serves a purpose, ensuring that your pet looks adorable while also being comfortable and safe. One of our standout pieces is our slip-on thru the collar, reversible pet scarves featuring a hidden pocket (patent pending) which is perfect for storing extra bags, keys, air tags, etc during walks or adventures. We understand the importance of convenience and functionality, and our pieces are designed with that in mind and it's a design approach we try to apply to everything we create.
Inspired by the world of Star Trek (Sam loves Sci-fi and got the idea for Pawsper while rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation) we are on a mission to build a brighter future for all living beings. Part of the proceeds goes towards making "Adopt Me" scarves that are donated to animal rescues and shelters to help raise awareness and support for animal adoption. We want to help save more animals and find them the loving homes they deserve. Our goal is to create pieces that reflect our community, where everyone can come together, express themselves, share their stories and celebrate the joy that our fur friends bring into our lives.
Join us on this intergalactic journey of art, fashion, and compassion. Together, let's make the world a more pawsitive place.
Live Long and Pawsper



Founder & Designer
Sam has a unique background in the world of art and design. From Pinstriping & Airbrushing Low Riders and Hot Rods, to creating enchanting costumes for the Video Game Industry, to making art magic at Disneyland and so much more! Her talents and hard work have left an incredible mark on various creative realms and awarded her an Emmy Award along with various awards through her career. Combining and channeling her artistic skills, seamstress superpowers and her passion for animals, she has now created Pawsper in the hopes to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners, to enjoy the beauty of this unfolding journey and have fun along the way! 


Muse & Fearless Feline
The most loyal and adorable sidekick. Her skill sets included quality control by inspecting supplies and fabric to ensure high quality standards. As well as offering tech support by testing the keyboard while in use and observing the screen closely for any errors. 
Sadly, Kit passed right before the launch of Paswper. She is missed dearly and is the heart and soul of this enterprise. She is now embarking on a new journey over the rainbow bridge, and has taken on the role as Sam's spiritual protector for all timelines and dimentions. Her legacy lives on brightly and boldly thru all of Pawsper's endeavors.
Godspeed little Kit!


Design Tester and Happy Husky
Emma was her shelter name and it stuck, she was adopted on 02/22/2022. She was on the Euth list because of overcrowding at the shelter and was rescued just in time. She was very scared and timid in the beginning but overtime has really opened up, letting her sweet personality shine and makes friends everywhere she goes.
Emma helps the design process by testing the prototypes and gives insight on where to make modfications and changes. She's attented Ren Faires & Comic Conventions and is always ready for an adventure. She loves playing in the sand, collecting seashells and saving succulents on the sidewalk. She enjoys being the little beach wolf of Dogtown!
We are so grateful for the love, encouragement and support of our incredible community! We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks, cat cuddles and husky hugs to each and every one of you who has made this journey possible. With all our love, to infinity and beyond!